Caring for everyone involved when a parent leaves your household

I had to drive her to her mum's with the baby in the car and leave her there without her baby. I think it was the hardest thing I ever did.

Foster Carer

There’s nothing more rewarding than when a parent leaves our home with their child, having flourished into a more confident, capable parent.  Yet even in this positive scenario, many carers worry that the lack of ongoing support can make parents very vulnerable and sometimes put children at risk.

When a placement ends with the parent and child being separated, it’s very hard for everyone involved.  Feelings of sadness, frustration, anger and even guilt are really common, and this is something which particularly seems to affect our children.  Whatever the ending, how can we best care for everyone involved: the parent and child, ourselves and our families?

Look after yourself. Endings can be really hard for you and your family.  Make sure you talk to other people who understand what you’re feeling. You might find it helpful to join the Fostering Hope closed Facebook group where everyone is a parent and child foster carer.

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