Good beginnings

Getting a parent-and-child foster placement off to a good start

I didn't even know who I was even expecting to open the door… I was thinking the worst and she's just going to end up taking him away from me… she's going to pick up on a point to make something out of nothing and honestly, the first night I didn't unpack because I was thinking 'I'm not staying!'

Mother, 17

Coming into foster care as a parent is a huge transition, whether you are a teenager or an older parent who has been living independently. How we welcome parents,  acknowledge their feelings, and set a tone of non-judgemental support is critical for them developing trust in us and belief in themselves.

Lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities is a significant factor when things have gone wrong. It is therefore essential that placing social workers and fostering services invest time and effort into getting the planning rights, as this provides a good foundations for everything that follows.

Parent and Child Fostering Good Practice Guide, Adams & Dibben

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