Supporting fathers and couples

Effectively involving fathers in parent-and-child arrangements


Scientific studies suggest that fathers are just as tuned into their babies as mothers.  For example, men's hearts race as fast as women's when they hear a baby scream, and fathers can recognise their own infants, blindfold, just by touching their hands - after only an hour spent cuddling them.

Fatherhood Institute's 'Guide for New Dads'

In general, children do better when they have a relationship with both parents.  Children’s Services have a tendency to focus only on mothers when it comes to parenting, and fathers can feel excluded from the system and redundant in their role as a parent.

Many of the mothers in our care will have ongoing relationships with their babies’ fathers, whether or not they still see themselves as a couple. Of course there are exceptions, but for the vast majority of babies and children, encouraging fathers to be as involved as they can will only be good for the child’s long-term development.

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