Supporting parents with mental ill-health

Understanding parents' struggles and how you can help

Many people think that mental health problems only happen after birth – postnatally – but that’s a myth. In fact, problems in pregnancy are even more common than problems after birth.

Parents in foster care often have several risk factors for mental health problems. For example, around 40% of teenage mothers are affected by postnatal depression.

Added to this, parents who are having their parenting assessed often worry about talking about their feelings in case they are seen as less able to look after their baby. They have often just moved home, been separated from their support network and are sleep-deprived – all stress factors which can cause even more anxiety.

Feeling anxious in pregnancy and after birth is very common, and we need to help parents to know this and break down the stigma around perinatal mental health.  It’s good to talk!  Hear what specialist midwife Laura has to say about the role of foster carers.

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