Supporting pregnancy, birth and early attachment

Helping mothers and babies to thrive in the months around childbirth

Midwives encourage all mothers to think about their support network, making sure there are people around to do housework and help with baby care.  Mothers in our care need this same level of support.

Foster carers often feel worried that their knowledge of pregnancy, birth and new-born care may be out of date. It's important to remember that being a midwife or health visitor isn’t part of your role!

There are lots of great resources out there to update you and for you to look at with the woman in your care.

The information and advice on this page will help you navigate the first few months of the placement.

Look after yourself: If thinking about your own births brings up difficult feelings and memories, you may be suffering from PTSD.  The Birth Trauma Association can give you information and support.

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